Speaker agreement form:

All the speakers presenting at the virtual conference "Transmedial Turn? Potentials, Problems, and Points to consider must agree with the terms listed below:
1. The Conference will take place on the digital conference platform Zoom.us client.
2. The Speaker has three options to participate in the conference: 
(a) present live in real time in Zoom but have their presentation also prerecorded as a backup for possible technical problems;
(b) substitute live presentation with their prerecorded video (but be still present in real time for discussion); 
(c) present live in real time on Zoom only (without prerecorded backup video). 
The Organisers strongly encourage the Speakers to prerecord their presentation videos as a backup for possible technical problems. For prerecording, the Speakers will receive guidelines provided by the Organisers.
To upload their prerecorded presentation by 1 December at the latest, the Speaker will follow the Dropbox invitation, which will be sent by 16 November.
3. Live presentations at the Conference will be recorded by the Conference Secretariat (Publicon PCO).
4. All recordings (prerecordings made by speakers and live recordings by Publicon PCO) will be published online in a password protected cloud service for the delegates. Download is disabled. The access is granted only for the registered delegates until 31 January 2021.
5. A digital Book of Abstracts, which will include the Speakers’ full names, current affiliations, and contact emails, will be uploaded on the Conference website.
6. The Speaker will take full responsibility of the copyright of the content presented by him/her online.
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